wcif this couch and pattern prettttyyy please? /post/93431576697/typography-set-of-prints-gift-4-is-a-set-of-prints

The sofa is part of this set by Wondymoon and I used the pattern that came with the R.H. Fulham Sofa from Marcussims91.

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Do you have any worlds to download? :)

No, only paintings and houses/apartments :)

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Typography set of prints
Gift 4 is a set of prints by Spell and Tell from Credits for the mesh go to Aikea Guinea and dellyboy who edited the original mesh. The set contains three sizes but they are all included in one file. You can change the size but each size has different prints :) 

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Kitchen Decor Prints
This is a really small gift but I love these prints from Happy Cat Downloads from so I decided to make a set of leaning prints. The set contains 8 different prints (ladles and plants). Meshes are by sim_man123 from TSR (horizontal) and Sweet Ambrosia (vertical). 

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Hii do the blankets come seperate from the bed? And if they do how do you put them on the bed?

Hi, you need to download most blankets separately, only a few beds have already (a nice) blanket. You can place them with move objects on on the bed :) 

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Hi! will u ever do package files? I can't download sims3packs :s

Hi, I will think about it :) You can convert sims3package files to package files with the Multi Sims3Pack Extractor.

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Paris Prints Set - “We’ll always have Paris.”
Gift 2 is a set of prints of the beautiful city Paris! The set consists of seven variations:

  • 3 horizontal versions, one is a leaning version (contains 5 prints), mesh by Sandy from Around The Sims 3 and Yarona
  • 2 medium versions with 22 prints (wall and leaning version), mesh by leehee4444, converted by BlueHopper
  • a square version with 4 prints, mesh by Indigo
  • a large version with 4 prints, mesh by baufive

Art is from different artists on All sizes are included in the download :)

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Hello! Ive just made this new blog after a very, very long hiatus and Im looking for new blogs to follow. Could you recommend some and/or publish this so I others can follow me and I can follow back? Itd be much appreciated :)

Hi, I would like to recommend some blogs, but it depends on which blogs you are interested. I really love interior design oriented simblrs and simblrs with scenery shots so if you are interested in storylines and photo shoots I can not help you :( But I’ll give some recommendations for interior/scenery/custom content simblrs :)

D55 Studio
M0xxa (TS2)
Marons (TS2)
Melanahorwitz (TS2)
Simterior (TS2)
EH Interior (TS2)
BlueHopper Simming
Exotic Elements
The Noisy Neutron
Some days in october
Bandit Queen
Simterior Design
Admiral’s Antics
Opium-666 (TS2)
Ruby Red Simblr

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hey lis, i was wondering where i can find the hanging light bulb in this post - (/post/92758445602)? thanks!

Hi, the light bulb is from BillyJean’s Curio Kitchen, converted by Florence for ts3. You can download the set here :)

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Concrete Walls (technically paintings)
I’m always looking for new concrete walls so when I came across different concrete patterns on Google I decided to make a set of walls. Because I can’t make patterns I used Ilona’s wall mural mesh. The wall murals are four tiles wide and you can place them next to each other in order to fill an entire wall in your room. The set contains 8 different murals and can be found in the deco category.

As you can see in the pictures some textures are seamless and others have a small seam. If someone would like to turn the wall murals into actual patterns, please let me know and I will send you the original textures :)

Box / Mediafire

This is gift 1 of 6, I will post another gift on Friday!

do you have a youtube channel?

No I haven’t, and I would honestly don’t know why I should have one :p Do you have any suggestions?

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