you said you had a Mac (which I have as well), but then how do you use tsrw? I thought it was only for pc's?

I don’t have a Mac (yet). At the moment I have a 4 year old Dell PC with Windows 7 and I’m planning to buy an iMac this fall.

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Sims 4 only for PC?

Finally decided to buy an iMac this fall when OS X Yosemite is released (and maybe a new iMac version) and now I just heard the Sims 4 is only available on PC.. :( Now I’m going to use my iMac mostly for school and work but it is a great pity that there is no Mac version of the sims 4 coming in September (who knows how long it will take). I would be able to install TS4 on my old PC but then I have to buy TS4 two times and that is a waste of money :p Via Bootcamp or Parallels may work but I would like to try TS4 first without these programs.

I’m going to try to upload new things this week :)

can you make painting from weaponix's art (deviantart). his / her art is really cool ^^ thanks before

Hi, it looks cool but it’s not something I would normally make. I prefer to only create paintings I would like to use to decorate my sims houses :) If you have an account you could post a cc wish.

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how do you make your cc?

With Adobe Photoshop CS5 en TSR Workshop :)

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Wcif the thing the painting is sitting on thank you

I think you’re referring to the coffee prints, the painting is leaning on the island counter by ShinoKCR :)

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Sims 3 on Windows or Mac?

Hi guys, at the moment I have a Windows 7 PC. I’m a loyal user for years but I often doubt whether I should buy an iMac. Now the new and improved version Yosemite is coming this fall, I doubt even more. Almost all programs that run on Windows also run on Mac OS so that is no issue for me but I still have a few doubts about the Sims 3.

Therefore, I would like to ask Mac users (if you’ve played the Sims 3 on a Windows PC that would be even better for comparison):

  • Are you satisfied with the quality and speed (of course this also depends on your system requirements)?
  • Can you install all custom content or are some items not suitable for MAC OS?
  • Is there a Mac alternative for CC Magic?
  • Do you recommend to use Bootcamp/Windows on your Mac to play the Sims 3?
  • For the CC Creators: if I understood correctly you need to use Bootcamp to use TSR Workshop?
  • Do you prefer to play the Sims 3 on Windows or Mac?

Thank you in advance :)

Update: Thank you guys for your replies! It really helped and I’m going to weigh the pros and cons. I would buy the iMac mainly because of the graphical features, the programs I can use for school and work and ease of use of a Mac. If the sims 3 does not work smoothly on my mac then I will use my PC (which I’m going to give to my father) for playing the sims and creating cc. But it remains a difficult choice :p

WCIF the crib in /post/93708591404/nursery-art-gift-5-is-a-set-of-16-nursery-prints

The crib is by DT456 from TSR, you can download it here :)

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Coffee prints
The last gift of my two-weeks-gifts-period is a set of twelve coffee prints on a small leaning mesh by Sweet Ambrosia. Art found on Google and In the next few weeks I will be posting less because I go on a holiday but I’ll try to post some messages in the queue :)

Box / Mediafire

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Nursery art
Gift 5 is a set of 16 nursery prints on a leaning mesh from Mango sims :) Art found on Google and For some locations you need to use an OMSP to place the painting. 

Box / Mediafire


Another thing I whipped up for lis0. These are the wall murals she just did, all i did was make them as actual walls for her.

You can see that most of them are not seamless though, I wasn’t really sure how to do that but at least they work as walls and you can put pictures and windows on them.

They all show up in the ‘paint’ category under walls. Preview pictures are included and you CAN convert these to package files if you so please :D


Thank you Blue! This is awesome!!


I whipped these up for lis0. The download has all the individual swatches that coordinates to the pattern file name so you can choose which ones you want. These were unfortunately made with CAP so you HAVE to keep them as .Sims3Packs


Thank you! They are awesome!

wcif this couch and pattern prettttyyy please? /post/93431576697/typography-set-of-prints-gift-4-is-a-set-of-prints

The sofa is part of this set by Wondymoon and I used the pattern that came with the R.H. Fulham Sofa from Marcussims91.

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Do you have any worlds to download? :)

No, only paintings and houses/apartments :)

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Typography set of prints
Gift 4 is a set of prints by Spell and Tell from Credits for the mesh go to Aikea Guinea and dellyboy who edited the original mesh. The set contains three sizes but they are all included in one file. You can change the size but each size has different prints :) 

Box / Mediafire